Delivery was very special time

Best part of my life was the 4 deliveries i had of all my children may have been the hardest thing ive had to deal with as 2 of them were very long and ended up with difficuilites and ended up with a c-section each time and because i had 2 c-section means my other children had to be also delivered by c-section but even with all the probs with the deliveries best time of my life with my bundles of joys 🙂

part 2 of my blog

Here goes part 2

After telling the parents about me quitting school my mum asked me what happened in which I told her about it and she done the mum thing phoned the school shouted and then helped me get into another school but this was the next step into the start of some more problems ive ran into.

I started at my new school but as always things was going ok made a few friends meet this boy who I was sort of dating on and off when he felt like it lol, then these new girls started. They seemed ok at first, they were pretty and tall and everyone seemed to like them that’s when things changed they started to be mean to people by making them feel worthless and bullying them as and when they felt like it.

I seemed to have got away from being bullied until my good friend Becky started to get picked on because of her leg issues and call nasty hurtful names about how she looked then I stuck up for her as it was fair to pick on someone because of her disability she had that’s when the bullying started on me.

lots of times my mum went into school but only made things worse this is when I started skipping school getting into trouble all the time for my attitude I then meet some people outside of school where not people my age and started hanging around them they started to try help me with my school work which was nice but I was a silly young girl and trusted everyone and that’s when the worst thing that could ever happen to a young girl and they stole my innocence and that’s where things got worse I had to grow up fast people found out what happened and made matters worse.

I then decided to leave school for good with not doing my GCSE’s which got my mum into trouble but I was then given the choice to go back to school or volunteer at a work place and that’s when I helped at a nursery for a while till the lady I was covering for came back after having her baby.

I then went on to meet someone who was nice at first I was 16 he was 38 he told me which I was fine with my mum wasnt happy about it but who would be he was older than me and had 4 kids of his own so I went from a child to a step mum pretty quick after rough time with my parents I moved out and moved in with him and ended up being pregnant and suffered an ectopic pregnancy and from then on he had a boyfriend who just treated me as a babysitter all the time not a partner couldn’t go anywhere without the kids I started to feel trapped and tried to get in touch with my parents to help me but not before I tried to take my own life because I had enough of the way things were.

finally I managed to get hold of my dad through my brother and he came to save me and bless him he almost got arrested for the punch up he was in, my parents helped me move to a friend in Corby where things was ok I got a job paying my way going out but then I ended up being followed all time to work at home my friend’s house was broken into all because of my ex I moved back home to my parents and had to go court to stop him coming anywhere near me, I was only 17 and at the day of the court I was asked by the judge if I wanted to take on his 4 kids because he wasnt allow to continue having them I said no  because I was still a child myself I couldn’t care for 4 others if I couldn’t keep myself safe.

Right im gonna leave it there for now as hurts to go over this and I feel its time to try deal with my past and this is what my life was like and maybe someone else is going though the same or already has so your never alone. stay tuned for more soon 🙂




Little about me on my first blog

Hello im new to all this blogging so here goes nothing,

My name is Diane.

I’ve had a rough life for so much of my life from the age of 8 things started going wrong when I suffered from burst appendix which I only had 4 and 1/2 hours to live but lucky I had great doctors on my side it took me about 6 months to fully recover before I was back on my feet.

Looking forward to going back to school to then be faced with a bully which gave me hell to the point I had to move school. once I started my new school things was going really well again until I had been there just over 2 months then who was to join my school was the bully and it all started again for months I put up with it until my mum moved me back to the old school and told them what was going on and they had put it on the system that the bully was following me to which ever school I went to and again within a few months she tried to come back to the school but was refused on the grounds of harassment I then felt safe at school and was free to finish my primary school a happy child.

When I started secondary school was hard didn’t know many when I started as we all went to different schools. while I was at this school I meet my best friend kerry and we always got into trouble in school but for some reason people didn’t like how close we was and this was when we was both got bullied because we was friends.

I put up with this for 2 years then had enough when one of my teachers started joining in with my bullies in which I replied that he was a F****** B****** and shouldnt work at the school if he likes to bully people to which he came over to me and picked up my bag and thrown it across the class room and dragged a desk and chair and tried to make me sit in front of the whole class who at this point was laughing at me so I replied to the teacher to p*** O** he then told me to go to the head teacher I then said no I bloody won’t I quit then walked out but as I left I bumped into the cow from hell she told me if I left she wouldn’t allow me back I said that’s fine I won’t be back to this hell hole. As you’ve probably have guessed the rest I went home and told my parents what has happened at school.

If you want to find out more please feel free to follow me for my next blog in the next few days. 🙂